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10+yoe Product Manager pioneering transformative global 0-1 innovations.

Also community founder, writer, text-to-paiting creator,

believer of TECH FOR HUMANITY.

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Cutting-Edge Transformation Expertise: generative AI, ML-powered platforms, web ecosystem


Dec 2018 - Present

​Cross-functional leadership, product strategy, roadmaping, and execution

  • Generative AI innovation for local news, focusing on text2image generation, writing tones, and suggestions.

  • Unblocked Reader Revenue Manager 0-1 full launch in Americas/APAC/EMEA; acquired 900+ publishers within 10 months

  • Shifted Subscribe with Google product strategy from direct monetization to build first-party reader loyalty; built 3 APIs, cut onboarding 10mo -> 2 wks

  • Collaborated with Eng/PM/PR directors in 5 divisions for VP approval of Chrome data deprecation; aligned 15+ ads products on Google’s very 1st ads privacy-safe data use strategy towards a Google Ads public commitment on privacy-first web

  • Recognitions: 8 Spot Bonuses; 8 Peer Bonuses; promoted within 10 months


Aug 2017 - Dec 2018

Productized ML models into SaaS platforms in life science

  • Established world’s 1st Patient Burden Index to quantitatively predict patients’ dropout probability in clinical trials via extensive patient UXR and cross validation from historical patient data

  • Launched ML-driven web-based product for analyzing clinical trial designs with data visualization and A/B testing simulation; report generation time reduced 60% with customer satisfaction increased to 100%

  • Productized ML-driven platform for clinical trial site selection and performance projection, unblocked and accelerated its “at risk” product GA across 3 departments within 3 month

  • Designed and delivered a unified data warehouse infrastructure from scratch, seamlessly integrating data from over 23,000 clinical trials and 7 million real-world patients with a data right management SOP created


Feb 2015 - Aug 2017

Full product lifecycle management, SaaS product growth

  • Launched 9 lender partners (35% growth) and 250+ digital contract templates with 3 Agile scrum development teams

  • Achieved 19% annual dealer customer growth and 42% digital contracts growth

  • Elevated accuracy of dealer-lender data mapping precision by 800%

  • Reduced customer support response time from 2 weeks to 3 days; boosted sales performance surpassing annual target by 50%


Dec 2013 - Feb 2015

Responsible for 24/7 technical reliability of NYS intelligent transportation system in Westchester County

  • Promoted to people manager within 6 months with 5 direct reports


Aug 2011 - Aug 2013

Renewable energy system design and modeling

  • Data modeling for Li-ion battery charging / discharging state

  • Data modeling for lead-acid battery charging / discharging state


Jul 2009 - Jul 2011

Product innovation, mobile applications

  • Proposed and delivered the 1st mobile plugin in China on mobile QQ browser, helped mobile QQ browser achieved 1 million active users in 1st year

  • Designed and launched the 1st cross-platform video chat apps on iOS and Android, acquired by WeChat

  • Prototyped mobile QQ Instant Messenger for MeeGo OS, a strategic pre-research collaboration between Tencent and Intel, and delivered V1 on time

Side Projects

Beyond being a technical product manager


From March to May 2023, I successfully conducted 72 in-depth interviews, highlighting individuals' life trajectories since high school. This effort resulted in the creation and publication of 72 informative articles, tailored to guide high school seniors from small towns in exploring post-college opportunities.


Chinese community in Google NYC from 0 to 1500

Since January 2019, I have spearheaded the establishment and growth of the Chinese community at Google NYC, starting from ground zero. By Q3 2023, we have cultivated a thriving community of 1000+ participants, facilitating regular in-person gatherings and maintaining 5+ vibrant online groups, fostering an environment where individuals feel encouraged to seek advice and engage with others.


Text-to-painting creation

Throughout the pandemic, I cultivated a newfound passion for painting, crafting a unique approach centered around conveying specific text messages through the interplay of lines and colors. Since 2023, I've actively utilized MidJourney for inspiration and am enthused by the rapid advancements in text-to-image AI technology.


In February 2020, I assumed leadership of an 8-person volunteer team, orchestrating fundraising events and coordinating donations to hospitals in Guangzhou, China. Within a remarkable three-week span, we successfully raised over $105,000 and facilitated the shipment of over 200,000 PPEs.

In March 2020, as the pandemic struck New York, we rallied additional support, securing over $4,000 in donations for local hospitals in New York and Boston, and procuring an additional 50,000 PPEs from sources in China.

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If you are interested in discussing anything about women, tech, or product management, please feel free to shoot an email. 
I will get back to you soon!

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